Corporate Social Responsibility

Essdar is committed to doing its share as a responsible corporation. We will fulfill our responsibilities by improving the quality of life in the communities where our employees live and work. Where possible we will also support cultural programs that will aim to better our society.

We also realise that we have an impact on the environment both directly through our own operations and indirectly through our services to clients. It is our aim to ensure that we focus on environmental responsibility.

Essdar employees will create the fundamental basis for our success. Therefore, responsibility for our staff is just as central to our corporate social commitment as is the respect for the countries and cultures in which we operate.

Our Aims are to:

  • Act responsibly in working life
  • Provide diverse talents
  • Train employees continuously to harness their talents
  • Involve employees in society development efforts
  • Transparent objective setting and performance reviews
  • Use in house skills and share them with society
  • Develop a multi-cultured harmonious group
  • Ensure performance